Automation Testing Engineer Salary in India 2023

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Are you someone who’s interested in an automation testing career? Yes, if you’re considering a career as an Automation Testing Engineer or are simply curious about the earning potential in this field, you’ve come to the right place. You must go and acquire all the skills required to become an automation testing engineer.

When you have all the skills required and have gained hands-on experience in them by working on some project ideas on automation testing, you’re all set to look for the career growth and salary you can expect. In this blog, we’ll be discussing the automation testing engineer salary in India based on different factors like skills, experience, location, etc. By the end, you’ll have a clear understanding of what to expect in terms of compensation in this dynamic and in-demand profession.

Automation Testing Engineer Salary on the Basis of Experience

Experience plays a significant role in determining the Automation Testing Engineer’s salary. As professionals gain more expertise in the field, their value and earning potential tend to increase. Let’s delve into the various experience levels and their corresponding salary ranges.

Please Note: All the data about the automation testing engineer’s salary has been taken from AmbitionBox.

Entry-Level Automation Testing Engineer (0–2 years of experience)

For those starting their career as Automation Testing Engineers, the salary range typically falls between INR 3,00,000 and INR 5,00,000 per year. At this stage, professionals are expected to have a basic understanding of automation testing tools and techniques. They may work under the guidance of senior engineers and contribute to test automation projects.

Mid-Level Automation Testing Engineer (2–5 years of experience)

With 2–5 years of experience, Automation Testing Engineers can expect a bump in their salary. The average annual income for professionals at this level is between INR 5,00,000 and INR 10,00,000 per year. At this stage, engineers have honed their skills and can independently handle test automation projects. They possess a deep understanding of testing frameworks, scripting languages, and test automation best practices.

Senior-Level Automation Testing Engineer (5+ years of experience)

As Automation Testing Engineers gain more than 5 years of experience, their earning potential expands significantly. Professionals at this level can earn anywhere between INR 10,00,000 and INR 20,00,000 per year. Senior-level engineers possess extensive knowledge of automation testing tools, frameworks, and methodologies. They often take on leadership roles, mentoring junior engineers, and driving automation strategies for the organization.

Automation Testing Engineer Salary on the Basis of Skills

In addition to experience, the skill set possessed by an Automation Testing Engineer also influences their salary. Let’s explore some key skills that can positively impact earning potential.

Proficiency in Automation Testing Tools and Frameworks

Automation Testing Engineers with expertise in popular testing tools and frameworks, such as Selenium, Appium, Cucumber, and TestNG, are highly sought after in the industry. These skills demonstrate the ability to efficiently automate test cases and ensure the delivery of reliable software products. Professionals with such skills can command higher salaries, often ranging from INR 7,00,000 to INR 15,00,000 per year.

Scripting and Programming Languages

Proficiency in scripting and programming languages such as Java, Python, and JavaScript is essential for Automation Testing Engineers. These skills enable engineers to write efficient and maintainable automation scripts. Engineers well-versed in these languages can expect salaries ranging from INR 6,00,000 to INR 12,00,000 per year.

Knowledge of Test Automation Best Practices

Automation Testing Engineers who possess a deep understanding of test automation best practices, including test design, test data management, and continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines, are highly valued. This expertise ensures the delivery of high-quality software products. Professionals with these skills can earn salaries ranging from INR 8,00,000 to INR 16,00,000 per year.

So, if you’re a beginner and looking for a way to become an automation engineer, here’s how you can become a successful automation tester.

Automation Testing Engineer Salary on the Basis of Locations

The location in which an Automation Testing Engineer works also has a significant impact on their salary. Let’s explore some of the top cities in India known for offering lucrative compensation to professionals in this field.


Bengaluru, often referred to as the “Silicon Valley of India,” is home to numerous multinational technology companies. It offers a thriving job market for Automation Testing Engineers, with salaries ranging from INR 6,00,000 to INR 15,00,000 per year. The city’s robust tech ecosystem and high demand for skilled professionals make it an attractive destination for Automation Testing Engineers.


Pune, another major IT hub in India, offers competitive salaries to Automation Testing Engineers. With a range of INR 5,00,000 to INR 12,00,000 per year, professionals in Pune can enjoy a relatively lower cost of living compared to other metropolitan cities. The city’s IT parks and growing tech industry provide ample opportunities for career growth.


Hyderabad, known for its thriving IT and software industries, is a hotspot for Automation Testing Engineers. The city offers salaries ranging from INR 5,00,000 to INR 12,00,000 per year. With its affordable housing and vibrant work culture, Hyderabad has emerged as a preferred destination for professionals in the field.

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As an Automation Testing Engineer in India, your salary is influenced by various factors such as experience, skills, location, etc. By gaining experience and continuously upgrading your skill set, you can unlock higher salary ranges in this dynamic field. Additionally, considering job opportunities in cities like Bengaluru, Pune, and Hyderabad can further enhance your earning potential.

Keep in mind that the figures mentioned here are average salary ranges and can vary based on individual circumstances and market dynamics. We hope this guide has provided valuable insights into Automation Testing Engineer salaries in India and helps you make informed decisions about your career.

FAQs on Automation Testing Engineer Salary

Q1: What certification can help boost an Automation Testing Engineer’s salary?

Ans: Certifications such as “Certified Selenium Professional (CSP)” and “ISTQB Test Automation Engineer” can enhance an Automation Testing Engineer’s skill set and increase their earning potential. These certifications validate expertise in specific automation testing tools and methodologies, making professionals more marketable.

Q2: Are there any additional benefits besides salary for Automation Testing Engineers?

Ans: Yes, besides salary, Automation Testing Engineers often enjoy additional benefits such as health insurance, retirement plans, paid time off, flexible work hours, and opportunities for professional development. These perks vary based on the organization and individual employment agreements.

Q3: What is the career growth trajectory for Automation Testing Engineers?

Ans: Automation Testing Engineers can progress in their careers by taking on leadership roles, such as Test Automation Architect or Test Automation Manager. They can also explore opportunities in related fields like DevOps or Quality Assurance. Continuous learning and staying updated with the latest industry trends can open doors to exciting career advancements.

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