Top 7 YouTube Channels To Learn Data Engineering

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Are you fascinated by the world of data engineering? Do you find it hard to search YouTube channels to learn data engineering to the fullest? Have you ever wondered which YouTube channels can guide you through this journey, providing not just answers but understanding?

In this article, we explore the best YouTube channels for data engineering and aim for its mastery. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Best YouTube Channels to Learn Data Engineering

We curated a list of the top 7 YouTube channels that best explain the concept of data engineering. This will help you freely learn the concepts from industry experts on YouTube.

1. Databricks

With a subscriber count of 85K, the Databricks YouTube channel serves as an extension of the Databricks platform, offering a wealth of educational content, tutorials, and insights related to data analytics, data engineering, and machine learning.

This channel stands out for its ability to effectively convey complex technical concepts in an accessible manner, catering to a wide audience ranging from beginners to experienced data professionals. Its uniqueness lies in its role as an educational hub that not only showcases the capabilities of the Databricks platform.

One of the channel’s standout features is its rich collection of tutorials and walkthroughs. These videos guide viewers through practical use cases, demonstrating how to leverage the Databricks platform to tackle real-world data challenges.

Whether it’s building data pipelines, conducting exploratory data analysis, or deploying machine learning models, the tutorials offer step-by-step guidance, enabling users to learn by doing.

This hands-on approach is a cornerstone of the channel’s uniqueness, as it equips learners with actionable skills that they can apply directly to their projects.

2. Ken Jee

The Ken Jee YouTube channel, while primarily known for its data science content, offers valuable insights and resources for individuals interested in data engineering as well.

While the channel’s main focus is on data science concepts, its unique attributes and Ken Jee’s teaching style make it a valuable resource for those seeking to explore the field of data engineering.

Subscriber Count: 248K subscribers

Ken Jee’s teaching approach, characterized by its simplicity and approachability, is a key factor that makes the channel’s content relevant to data engineering.

Data engineering can involve complex technical aspects related to data pipelines, ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes, and database management. Ken’s knack for breaking down intricate topics into understandable explanations translates well to data engineering concepts, making them more accessible to learners who may be new to the field.

3. Alex The Analyst

The YouTube channel “Alex The Analyst” with a subscriber count of 550K subscribers is hosted by Alex Bowers and has gained recognition for its approachable and insightful content related to data analysis, Excel tutorials, and data visualization.

While not exclusively focused on data engineering, the channel’s unique characteristics and instructional style can offer valuable insights for individuals interested in both data analysis and data engineering.

What sets Alex The Analyst apart is its ability to make complex data-related concepts accessible to a wide audience, including those who might be new to the world of data. Alex’s friendly and relatable teaching approach resonates particularly well with beginners, enabling them to grasp fundamental data concepts without feeling overwhelmed.

This approach is valuable for data engineering enthusiasts who want to build a strong foundation before delving into more technical aspects.

While the channel’s primary focus is on data analysis and visualization, many of the skills covered have direct relevance to data engineering. For instance, data engineers often work with raw data that requires cleaning, transformation, and organization.

Alex’s tutorials on Excel and data-cleaning techniques provide a strong basis for these tasks. Moreover, data visualization is crucial for data engineers to communicate insights effectively to various stakeholders, which makes Alex’s content on creating impactful visualizations particularly useful.

4. Data School

The YouTube channel “Data School”, created by Kevin Markham, is a renowned educational resource in the fields of data science and engineering. While the primary focus of the channel is on data science topics, it also covers a range of skills and concepts that have relevance to data engineering.

The uniqueness of the Data School channel lies in its comprehensive content, pedagogical approach, and the bridge it provides between data science and data engineering.

Data School’s unique strength is its ability to make complex concepts understandable through clear and concise explanations.

While data engineering involves intricate processes of managing, processing and transforming data, the channel’s tutorials on Python programming, data manipulation, and data visualization are foundational skills that are applicable to both data science and data engineering.

These skills form the building blocks of data analysis, making the channel a useful resource for individuals interested in the broader data landscape.

5. Data Professor

The “Data Professor” YouTube channel, hosted by Chanin Nantasenamat, focuses primarily on data science and machine learning topics. However, it also covers foundational concepts and skills that have relevance to data engineering, making it a valuable resource for individuals interested in both fields.

The uniqueness of the Data Professor channel lies in its interactive and approachable teaching style, its commitment to open-source tools, and its emphasis on practical application.

Subscriber count: 160K subscribers

One of the key features that make the Data Professor channel unique is its interactive approach to teaching. Chanin Nantasenamat often conducts live coding sessions and provides step-by-step demonstrations, encouraging viewers to follow along and actively engage with the content.

This teaching style is conducive to learning the practical skills required in data engineering, such as building data pipelines, handling ETL processes, and working with databases.

The channel’s emphasis on open-source tools and resources is another aspect that sets it apart. Data engineering often involves leveraging open-source technologies and libraries for tasks like data manipulation, transformation, and integration.

The Data Professor channel frequently utilizes popular programming languages like Python, along with libraries such as Pandas and NumPy, which are not only fundamental for data science but also highly relevant for data engineering tasks.

6. Snowflake Inc.

The “Snowflake Inc.” YouTube channel serves as a prominent educational and informational resource in the realm of data engineering and cloud-based data warehousing. Snowflake Inc. is a well-known cloud-based data platform that provides data warehousing, data lakes, and data engineering capabilities.

The uniqueness of the Snowflake Inc. channel lies in its focus on educating users about Snowflake’s platform, its features, and how it can be leveraged for modern data engineering needs.

The Snowflake Inc. channel is unique because it centers around a specific platform that has gained significant traction in the data engineering and analytics space. Snowflake’s architecture and capabilities are designed to address many of the challenges associated with traditional data warehousing and data engineering.

As organizations increasingly migrate their data infrastructure to the cloud, understanding how platforms like Snowflake work and how they can be integrated into data engineering workflows becomes crucial.

The channel’s content often includes webinars, tutorials, case studies, and best practices related to Snowflake’s platform. These resources provide insights into data engineering topics such as data modeling, data ingestion, transformation, and querying,

7. Seattle Data Guy

Seattle Data Guy YouTube channel hosted by Ryan Lowery, is a popular and unique educational resource for data engineering, and related topics. While the channel’s primary focus is on data science, it offers content that has relevance and applicability to data engineering, making it a valuable source for individuals interested in both fields.

What sets the Seattle Data Guy channel apart is its distinctive approach to making complex technical concepts accessible to a broad audience. Ryan Lowery has a knack for breaking down intricate topics into clear explanations and step-by-step tutorials.

This teaching style is particularly beneficial for data engineering enthusiasts who may be new to the field and seeking foundational knowledge. The channel’s content equips viewers with essential skills and insights that can lay the groundwork for more advanced data engineering tasks.


In the world of data engineering education, YouTube channels have emerged as valuable resources for learners at all levels.

From practical tutorials to conceptual insights, the highlighted channels provide a diverse range of content tailored to different preferences and skill levels.

If you want to learn data engineering in-depth, YouTube alone won’t be sufficient, you should enroll yourself in a professionally certified online course to gain a better understanding.

As data engineering grows in importance, these channels offer an accessible gateway for anyone aspiring to delve into this field, ensuring that knowledge and expertise are just a click away.


What is data engineering, and why is it important?

Data engineering involves the collection, processing, and transformation of data to make it usable for analysis and decision-making. It’s crucial because well-structured data is the foundation for accurate insights and business strategies.

How do YouTube channels help beginners in data engineering?

YouTube channels provide tutorials, practical examples, and explanations of fundamental concepts, helping beginners grasp data engineering principles and gain hands-on experience.

Can I learn data engineering while working a full-time job?

Yes, many people learn data engineering while maintaining a full-time job. It might take longer, but by dedicating consistent time, even a few hours a week, you can make steady progress.

What are the primary roles and responsibilities of a data engineer?

Data engineers design, build, and maintain data pipelines, ensuring data is collected, transformed, and stored effectively. They work with various teams to ensure data availability, quality, and accessibility.

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