Why is Sridevi Arunprakash known as GUVI’s Gem & powerful Ironlady? Best 4 Successful Impacts!


Evolving enormously as the best learning hub, GUVI Geek Network stands as India’s #1 Vernacular EdTech Platform with the extended visionary thoughts of Ms. Sridevi Arunprakash, the iron lady-cum-Co-founder of GUVI, even after she left to heaven.

Sridevi always believed the quote “Education is priceless and no one can steal it from you.” & thus strongly supported the importance of education that could help uplift a person and even an entire family.

Such ideologies of hers aligned with the foundational beginnings of GUVI & it didn’t take much time to join hands with technological experts Mr. Arun Prakash M & Mr. Balamurugan SP to establish GUVI under the incubation of IIT-Madras Research Park.

Ms. Sridevi Arunprakash joined as the ‘First Employee of GUVI’ who actively accelerated the process of building it from scratch. Both her charisma & vision are reflected in the EdTech services of GUVI as she was successful in motivating and mentoring more than 20,000 Women in the Tech field during her working tenure. 

The whole team of GUVI are energized by her impactful thoughts that could make a difference in the Educational world. Also, the women of GUVI stand fearless in expressing their concerns at the workplace as Sridevi always encouraged people to express themselves on both professional & personal fronts.

Since Sridevi hailed from an orthodox family, she initially battled various odds to make a mark in society. However, her passion towards technology & willpower has made her emerge as a ‘dynamic woman entrepreneur’ and turned into a role model for women in the Tech industry.

Her efforts in building GUVI with a strong foundation began by making this EdTech platform win the Equity Free Seed Fund at EMPOWER (Accelerating Women Entrepreneurship). She competed with the other leading women in Entrepreneurship & was selected by Google as ‘one of the Top 11 Women Entrepreneurs’ as well asone among the Top 60 Women Transforming India by MHRD’.

Though she left for the heavenly world in 2020 during the COVID crisis timeline, her ideal thoughts, principles & valuable service in the EdTech industry are impactfully inspiring for all the aspiring youngsters & ambitious women out there. 

GUVI, with its e-learning services & non-profit initiatives, has been a huge success & racing towards gigantic growth bestowing the high-end skills to about 2+ Million aspiring learners as of today.

Popular Events that took inspiration from Sridevi’s Vision

GUVI stands for ‘Grab Ur Vernacular Imprint’, where Sridevi Arunprakash stands eternal among the trinity founding team comprising of Mr Arun Prakash(Founder & CEO, GUVI) & Mr Balamurugan(Co-founder, GUVI). Sridevi remains the essence of GUVI’s Vision and Mission.

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